Broadband Solutions Technician

Pinpoint Communications   Gothenburg, NE   Full-time     Information Services / Technology (IT)
Posted on November 20, 2021
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Broadband Solutions Technician

Essential Job Functions

IThe Broadband Solutions Technician is responsible for configuring, maintaining and repairing IPTV, Internet, FTTH equipment, and wireless to meet quality standards and Company practices. The Broadband Solutions Technician should be customer-focused with the Company's best interest in mind. Plant maintenance construction work is also part of the responsibilities of this position, including fiber splicing. This individual locates copper/fiber/cables, marking the specific locations that meet the quality of the industry and Company standards. The Broadband Solutions Technician utilizes the plant maps in order to install or disconnect a multitude of services. The Broadband Solutions Technician must be able to install and repair special circuits and report changes regarding plant record system data to the appropriate sources. This individual must be able to install subscriber services according to the specifications of a customer work order and provide recommendations to the customer to best fit their needs. Testing and troubleshooting and problem-solving is an important aspect of this position, and the Broadband Solutions Technician is responsible for testing and troubleshooting fiber-optic systems, wireless equipment, and home networking issues by utilizing the appropriate test equipment. The Broadband Solutions Technician should also be well versed in the product mix of the Company. Providing solutions for customers and providing the best experience possible is a must in this position. The Broadband Solutions Technician should have knowledge of customer trends and products that are utilized by our customers. Understanding these and being able to recommend solutions and assisting in providing these solutions are critical to this position.

Primary Skills

Ability to wire and maintain MDF and any other cable installation (fiber, copper, power,) to industry standards

Ability to creatively look at a project and define a solution that is cost effective and functional for customer installation

Efficient work ethic with attention to detail and accuracy of work and ability to work independently

Working computer knowledge in a Windows environment

Understanding of basic electricity

Understanding and interpreting plant maps

Telecommunications wiring color-code competency

Advanced knowledge of in-home networking and WIFI systems

Understanding of customer trends revolving around technology used in the home by consumers

Ability to upsell products that would enhance the customer experience

Willingness to approach customers for sales of products that are offered by the Company

Secondary Skills

Willingness to adapt to changes in the business to include advances in technology, new skills, and new procedures

Good oral and written communication skills